Announcement for UDIAR bounters

Hi UDIAR bounty community! You’ve made a great job and we want to THANK YOU with some IAR tokens 😉 Please check bounty spreadsheets for twitter and facebook and find yourself in a lists. If you have stakes there – send your Ether wallets to Important: YOU SHOULD USE ONLY EMAIL REGISTERED IN BOUNTY… Read More

Go East! WIPO global IP statistics

Hi. Today we want to show you some interesting statistics of demand for IP rights in 2015. Main conclusion: Asia is King! Total applications and growth in applications (summary: strong growth in demand for IP rights): Patents: 2,9M Utility models: 1,2M Trademarks: 8,5M Industrial designs: 1,1M For patents and trademarks, 2015 represented the sixth consecutive… Read More

Youtube Content ID

Hi everyone. Today we want to briefly mention one of the really working and balanced technical solution incorporated by Youtube to protect copyrighted media content which is called Content ID. Content ID is a system developed by Youtube aimed to protect and benefit copyright holders whose content circulate on . The mechanism is like… Read More

Internet is not in a public domain!

Before any discussion let us first acknowledge what public domain is. Wikipedia shows 2 different ways of understanding of this term. First one (to say, a common one) states that everything published in Internet could be automatically regarded as placed to the public domain in the sense that it became available to the public. The… Read More

Europe’s copyright law news: how latest changes will certainly affect US and world digital content market

Europe’s copyright law news: latest changes will certainly affect US and world digital content market. Take a look at this interesting article on Techcrunch Two crucial proposals aimed to increase copyright-holders’ revenue and to fight with infringements which could sweep out small/middle internet businesses from the stage. Again we are asking you: where is this… Read More

IAR token overview

Specially for our investors we’ve made this complete overview of UDIAR token. Token features IAR (intellectual activity result) is a token issued within an eToken contract, an Ethereum smart contract, written using Solidity2 programming language. The IAR token Smart contract allows you to issue tokens on the Ethereum network and offers a wide range of… Read More

Digital media conference

On October 18, an Internet & Digital media conference was held in St. Petersburg, where Alexander Voskoboinikov, blockchain adviser of the UDIAR project, spoke on the topic: “Copyright of the future: how blockchain project UDIAR will change the sphere of copyright protection”. The audience had a chance to get first-hand updates on the Pre-ICO progress… Read More

benefits of UDIAR

Which benefits could be achieved with the help of UDIAR? Many! ● Fast and easy online copyright registration that provides instant protection by the public register based on blockchain technology; ● Documentary proof of the work’s creation printed in any language; ● Open Innovation and Technology licensing (Rights Package); ● Open market for the results… Read More

The UDIAR Marketplace

The UDIAR Marketplace is a service that unites sellers and buyers from all over the world who are focused on development and technologies, science and/or production methods. The author may put his object on sale and any interested person can obtain it in the form of a licence or an exclusive right. When selling copyrights,… Read More

Important ICO update

Hi, We’ve got some news for you. During last few weeks we received lots of suggestions from our investors to add some benefits to our campaign. That’s why we decided to adjust our offer according to our customers needs. So, till the end of October all of our investors will receive 30% extra bonus, from… Read More

We are changing the rules

UDIAR Foundation plans to make blockchain technology recognized by internationalcourts as indisputable evidence of protected copyrights. Is there any other way apartfrom blockchain to keep deposited data public and provably untouched at the sametime? No! Nowadays decentralization is the only right answer. Join UDIAR ICO on and bring back power to creative people! Facebook… Read More

made for creative people

Who will benefit from cooperation with UDIAR? First what comes to mind is so called “Creative Class” which comprises people whose jobs or lifestyle involve creating new forms of things, solving complex problems and expressing new ideas: artists, poets, writers, photographers, musicians, designers, journalists, sculptors, architects, IT specialists are developers of computer programs, interfaces, games,… Read More


After launching the blockchain register we plan to focus on development of application programming interface for online digital content storages, stocks and plugins for social networks. It would be a really useful technological supplement since everyone will be able to register copyrights on their creations right inside the habitual environment without necessity of going directly… Read More

Why Blockchain?

How could UDIAR use the features of blockchain in copyright registering? Well, the main issues are anonymity (which is couldn’t be implemented fully in case of recording the copyright since we need a real identified person to be vested with a right for intellectual property) and unchangeability of recorded data. What we will do with… Read More

Why UDIAR ICO worth your support?

Why UDIAR ICO worth your support? Because it is indeed a project which strives not just to use blockchain as a winning tagline but to contribute in worldwide legal recognition of blockchain technology. Sounds like we’re giving a huge advance to ourselves but that’s exactly how we see the Goal. Join crowdsale on Facebook Comments

UDIAR ICO in now opened

UDIAR ICO in now opened – the distributed copyright depository and marketplace for intellectual property turnover. Join the crowdsale on and help us to connect creative people all around the world and support them in protecting and monetizing the copyrights with the power of blockchain! Facebook Comments

The UDIAR Marketplace

The UDIAR Marketplace is a service that unites sellers and buyers from all over the world who are focused on developments, technologies, science and/or production methods. The author may put his object on sale and any interested person can obtain it in the form of a license or an exclusive right. When selling copyrights, a new… Read More

Open innovation

Intellectual Property & Innovation: Is There a Synergy Effect? Obviously, innovation is much more than just ideas in somebody’s mind that are only the seeds of it waiting to become real through their commercialisation. In most cases, the process of commercialisation is quite costly including investment in research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Therefore, innovators… Read More

a Turkish case

Intellectual Property around the world: a Turkish case Do you know what intellectual property rights are recognised in Turkey? There are patents and utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, integrated circuit topographies, copyright and trade secrets. Turkey follows a variety of international documents on intellectual property: the Paris Convention (the right to claim priority… Read More